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About Recaptcha for .NET

Recaptcha for .NET is a library that allows a developer to easily integrate Google's Recaptcha service (the most popular captcha control) in an ASP.NET Web Forms or ASP.NET MVC web application.


The library is one of the most solid captcha libraries with best documentation. Unlike most other recaptcha libraries, it supports both ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC.


The primary features of the library are:
  • Renders recaptcha control with appropriate options.
  • Verifies user's answer to recaptcha's challenge.

What's New?

  • Bug fixes.
  • Supports legacy .NET Framework 4.0 version and ASP.NET MVC 4.
  • Supports .NET 4.5, 4.5.1, and ASP.NET MVC 5.


Please go through the step-by-step documentation that will guide you through the entire process of installing and using Recaptcha for .NET.

Source Code

Of course, Recaptcha for .NET is open source. Go to the Source Control tab and navigate through the source code of the library. It also contains some sample projects in the Samples directory.

Issues and Bugs

Every effort has been made to ensure the quality of Recaptcha for .NET. However, if you find any issue or bug in library then please log them in the Issue Tracker on CodePlex.
Note: It is recommended that you log an issue in the Issue Tracker and then send a note to @tanveery on Twitter for attention towards the issue.

Project Roadmap

No. Feature Status
1 Support recaptcha verification through AJAX. Planned
2 Support control template in the ASP.NET web control of the library. Planned
3 Provide at least 10 additional custom themes. Planned

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