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Installing Recaptcha for .NET

Recaptcha Nuget Package

The best and the recommended way to install the latest version of Recaptcha for .NET is through Nuget. From the Nuget's Package Manager Console in your Visual Studio .NET IDE, simply execute the following command:


If the Package Manager Console is not visible in your Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, click on the Tools > Library Package Manager > Package Manager Console menu.

Note: Nuget is a Visual Studio extension and it needs to be installed before you can use Nuget packages in your Visual Studio projects. You can download and install Nuget from here.

Download a Recaptcha Release from CodePlex

You can download the latest release or any other previous releases of Recaptcha for .NET from the Downloads tab. Unzip the Recaptcha for .NET file and then add a reference to the Recaptcha.Web.dll assembly in your ASP.NET Web Forms or ASP.NET MVC project.

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